Wednesday Brains – Wednesday Brains 
30 minute demotape. Selfreleased in jan. 1995. 
About 2 or 3 copies left. 

Price: DM 5, US $ 3 

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Wednesday Brains - Zzzzz... 
Debut album released on the German indie-label NACHT & NEBEL TONTRÄGER (nov. 1996)

Price: DM 15, US $ 8

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Bretzel Killing Machine – Chinese Opera 
Live-recorded demotape released jan. 1997.

Price: DM 10, US $ 6

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Bretzel Killing Machine – Kill the body and the head will die 
(see above) april 1997 with special guest Olaf Schönborn on saxophones.

Price: DM 10, US $ 6 


Destruction Unlimited – Destruction Unlimited 
far out...noise,ambient,industrial. sept. ´97

Price: DM 10, US $ 6

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Bretzel Killing Machine – Fünf 
(see above) december 1997 with special guest Thomas Denzel on chapman stick.

Price: DM 10, US $ 6


Superalbert – Superalbert 
CD released jan. 1998. German popmusic with guestappearance by myself. 

Price: DM 13, US $ 8

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LoFi Puppies - LoFi Puppies
This is a new improv project by me and two other ex - Wednesday Brains members (Stephan Morlock on bass and Vassiliki Sia Elise Kanellopoulos on vox)

Price: DM 10, US $ 6

Real Audio Preview


Bretzel Killing Machine – Traum aus
(See above). May 1998 with guest appearance by Friedemann Dähn (ex-Ensemble Modern)

Price: DM 10, US $ 6

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Bretzel Killing Machine – Schwarzweiß
(see above) May 1998. Performance by the main BKM trio without any special guest.

Price: DM 10, US $ 6

Real Audio Preview


Forbidden Planet - Music for an imaginary science-fiction film
Project of Gino Robair from San Francisco on drums, Thomas Maos on guitar and myself on keys. Free improvised concert recorded October 1997 in Tübingen. This is a self-burned release, only available on special request.

Price: DM 25, US $ 14

Real Audio Preview

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Björn Eichstädt's Collaboration Series Vol.1
First volume of my new series of vinyl 7inches, featuring Thomas Maos (NIET, Dead Poets) and Leon Gruenbaum (Vernon Reid's Masque). Limited Edition of 150 records.

Price: DM 8, US $ 5

  All prices plus p&p!!

Soon to be released

A tribute to the Butthole Surfers with Wednesday Brains. Said to be released on an American indie-label. CD (hopefully summer 1998)

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