SCHLICHTER a new band featuring Stephan "Balu" Morlock (ex - Wednesday Brains) and Larry Lüer (Bretzel Killing Machine, ex - Wednesday Brains). The band's music could be described as minimal Post-country-rock.

Bretzel Killing Machine

Björn Eichstädt – keys, tapes, CDs, radios, dictating machine, vocals
Larry Lüer – guitar, vocals, effects
Thomas Schneider – vocals, percussion, bass, schebberblech

We started in december 1996 and since then we play regular gigs as the house-avantgarde-band of the local Jazzclub (called Jazzkeller) in Tübingen. Usually we have one guest who joins us during our performance.

Wednesday Brains

Björn Eichstädt – keyboards, backing vocals
Albrecht Gradmann – bass
Thomas Schneider – vocals
Larry Lüer – guitar, backing vocals
Stephan Morlock – drums (left in august 96)
Cyrill von Tiesenhausen – drums (joined in august 96)

This band started as a recording project by me and Larry Lüer in 1993. We then got a together band in early 95 to play live. The band split up in early 1998 and left a great CD that is still available.

Based on crossover-rockmusic, to me this band was always something special, because there never was fear of experimenting.

Destruction Unlimited

Björn Eichstädt – tools, voice, dictating machine
Larry Lüer – tools, guitar
Jürgen Schmoll – dangerous tools

This is a recording project that is based on working without usual instruments. I hope we can do that live one day but I never found a club that allowed us to play that stuff there.

So it´s still a tape project at the moment.

Björn Eichstädt´s Collaboration Series

Another recording project which is based on program music (Mussorgsky, Richard Strauss etc.).

Here I use programs like „underwater journey", „flying saucer attack" etc. to produce samplebased tracks that are overdubed by one guest-musician per piece.

Forbidden Planet

Gino Robair – drums
Thomas Maos – guitar
Björn Eichstädt – keys, dictating machine

This project started when I got to know Gino Robair via the internet. I invited him to play here during his european tour in fall ´97. In october ´97 we had our only gig so far, but I hope there´ll be more in the future. Free improv music inspired by the idea of an imaginary science-fiction movie.


Some friends of mine who have that popband with German lyrics. I was guest-keyboardist on their debut CD and usually join them during one song at their live-shows.


LoFi Puppies

Me plus Stephan Morlock on bass and Vassiliki Sia Elise Kanellopoulos on vocals (both are ex-Wednesday Brains members). Nice lil´ LoFi improv stuff.

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