updated on 5. november, 1998 - new release on the releases page and a new project on the project page.

This page was updated on may 13, 1998. I added some new releases on the releases page as well as two new pics on the contact page. Enjoy!!

The recordings for the first BJÖRN EICHSTÄDT  release will go on in may.I am still looking for some people to collaborate on that one with me.
At the moment i am thinking about changing the title of that whole project into: „Dark castles, outer space and other nice locations for your party".
I hope that I will be able to release that one in fall (on vinyl!!!)

Live last concert with BRETZEL KILLING MACHINE on november 29 at the Jazzkeller in Tübingen. Some surprise guests will be present.

My new project called SCHLICHTER will play December 11, 1998, also at the Jazzkeller in Tübingen.

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