CAMP CAMP (creative art & music pool) is an organisation of improvising musicians from the area of Tübingen / Germany.

The people who founded the CAMP are:

Björn Eichstädt – you should know something about me already : - )

Thomas Maos – Guitarist and organizer of the NEW IMPROVISERS ENSEMBLE TÜBINGEN (NIET). He is also a member of my Forbidden Planet project with Gino Robair.
With his band DEAD POETS he got a big record deal with BMG (Bertelsmann Music Group)....Congratulations Thomas

Friedemann Dähn – Electric Cello & Acoustic Cello. Became well known in the music scene as a member of the ENSEMBLE MODERN. With the E.M. he worked with such amazing musicians as Frank ZAPPA (Yellow Shark), Ornette Coleman and Karl-Heinz Stockhausen.

Jörg Kallinich – Slide-projection-artist who is member of the N.I.E.T.

Ulrike Helmholz – female vocalist and performance artist.

The CAMP wants to organize concerts in the area and is planning a festival for March 1999 - CAMP '99

If you want informations about local events in expermental and improvised music join the CAMP-Newsletter.

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