I was born in 1974 in the beautiful city of Düsseldorf / Germany. At the age of 9 I started playing the piano. When I was 15 years old I played in my first band and had my first gig at the age of 16.

First I played traditional rock music but got more and more influences from jazz and other music forms through the years. One of my main influences that got me to where I am now musically, was the band Mr. Bungle from San Francisco that changed my way of listening to music.

Being interested in them got me into avantgarde and improvised music. So in 1994 I started my first experimental rock group Wednesday Brains. My first free improv gig was in late 1996 when I had the first gig with my trio Bretzel Killing Machine.

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Besides being a musician I study Genetics and Neurophysiology at the University of Tübingen. I am also interested in modern arts, literature and film.

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